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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the SHSU online blackboard administration team?

The SHSU Online Blackboard Administration team will reach out to you to schedule a follow up call. If you are having trouble submitting this form, please email [email protected] . As a Bb Org leader, you will receive essential training and documentation.

How do I access blackboard as a trio student?

All TRIO SSS participants have access to our Blackboard site. You can access Blackboard by going to the SHSU homepage and click on the "Campus Tools" pull-down menu then select "Blackboard". Under "My Organizations" click on the link for "TRIO Student Support Services"

What are blackboard BB Orgs?

What are Bb Orgs? Bb Organizations are virtual spaces inside Blackboard. Access to orgs is controlled by membership, much in the same way that online courses are accessed only by students enrolled in them.

How are BB Orgs used at SHSU?

Bb Orgs can be used by SHSU’s colleges, departments, faculty, staff, and/or students for activities that are in support of the educational, research, or administrative mission of the University. How are Bb Orgs used at SHSU? Some Deans use Bb Orgs to post announcements and disseminate information to the faculty and/or students within their college.

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