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Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know about UL certification?

In addition, UL Certification includes extensive testing for:LongevityResistanceDurability

Is ul a public company?

Is UL a public company? UL LLC is a global safety certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. Similarly, is UL a publicly traded company? Today UL, the for-profit safety testing company wholly owned by the Northbrook organization, is profitable again, with annual revenue of $2.3 billion and $700 million in cash.

What is UL certification and why is it important?

What is UL Certification and Why is it Important? UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a third-party certification company that’s been around for over a century. UL was founded in 1894 in Chicago. They certify products with the aim to make the world a safer place for both workers and consumers.

What is the difference between UL listed and UL recognized?

What is the difference between UL Listed and UL Recognized? A “listing” can only refer to stand-alone products with a specific function, tested against UL’s published and nationally-recognized standards for safety in a particular category of equipment. UL “recognized” is for a component within a system.

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