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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a bionicon?

With more than 10 years of experience in MTB suspension, BIONICON still has the world´s one and only on-the-fly adjustable chassis for mountainbikes. With BIONICON´s new direct sales you will get offered unbeatable prices for a unique technology.

Is the bionicon Golden Willow a good bike?

Lots of potential , but limited suspension control means it's hard to make the most of the geometry tricks Bionicon’s Golden Willow promises to bridge the divide between groomed trail centre and wilderness riding, so it seemed an ideal contender for What Mountain Bike magazine’s Bike Of The Year test.

What makes the bionicon double agent Fork different?

Bionicon’s proprietary fork and shock are fundamental to the adjustable geometry system. The Double Agent fork is a massive twin-crown unit, unusual on anything other than a downhill bike. The legs are offset well forward, so you can get plenty of steering lock for tight, low-speed turns.

Is bionicon the only bike with adjustable suspension?

There are other bikes with adjustable suspension travel and adjustable geometry but, as far as we’re aware, Bionicon is the only company that offers a set-up where a single button on the bar adjusts everything at once so that you can instantly set yourself up for radical descents, or climbs, and every terrain type in between. Too good to be true?

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