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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bionic reading®?

Learn More about Bionic Reading®. This WordPress plugin is not a product of Bionic Reading®. It was developed by an independent and disabled developer that wants to bring more accessibility to the digital space. This plugin uses the official Bionic Reading API to generate accessible text so an API key is needed after plugin activation.

How does bionize help with reading?

Bionize can have a great impact on your reading speed and efficiency by helping you focus on the parts of words that matter most. If you have trouble reading, because your focus easily drifts, or maybe because you suffer from dyslexia. Know that you are not alone. Roughly 10% of the whole population deals with reading issues on a daily basis.

How to install bionify add-ons?

To install add-ons, you'll need the new Microsoft Edge. Bionify allows Bionic Reading of text found on webpages. In simple words, It allows user to read online with EASE ! Doesn't work on most websites on Edge, also another issue would be that it does not work on any PDF files either.

What are PowerPoint plugins and add-ins?

The tricks are called plugins and add-ins that you can install alongside your PowerPoint and access directly from inside the software while designing. You might have heard about plugins and add-ins from your web browser, but don’t you know that your PowerPoint has it too?

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