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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bionic reading converter?

Bionic Reading Converter is a free online tool for converting your texts into Bionic Reading mode for assisting you on fast reading / speed reading. You can export the result as image or HTML. Bionic Reading is a methodology found by Renato Casutt for helping people to read faster by highlighting initial letters of the words.

How to use Bionic reading on Kindle?

That means you can convert eBooks and use Bionic Reading on your Kindle devices and other eReaders. Simply upload the file to the web converter. After it’s done converting, click the download icon. Choose “EPUB” as the format, and then use our guide to transfer it to your Kindle eReader. Of course, you don’t only have to use this for eReaders.

What is bionic reading in fiery feeds?

A font wouldn’t be able to change certain parts of words. The Bionic Reading API can be used by developers to make it a text option in apps. They can adjust how many letters are bolded and the contrast with the unhighlighted letters. Bionic Reading in Fiery Feeds. At the time of writing in May 2022, Bionic Reading is a very new tool.

Is bionic reading a dream come true?

I was devastated that I couldn’t experience books like the other kids, because I did love to read, but it became more of a chore than anything with my disability. When I discovered Bionic Reading, it honestly felt like a dream come true. I will be starting college confident in my ability to learn and process when taking online classes.

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