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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you read Bionic formatted books on Kindle?

Bionic reading is not yet built into the Kindle ecosystem. However, if you are excited about this revolutionary reading method, you can download bionic formatted books manually. Bionic reading, a new tool that has just been launched by the Swiss startup company Bionic Reading GmbH, is going viral and everyone wants to try it.

How do I download a Bionic Book?

Open Bionic Reading online tool. Click on the “Browse File” button and add the book. The tool will start converting the file. It may take a while. 3. To download the bionic formatted book, click on the arrow icon in the bottom right. Please note that, due to heavy formatting, the bionic books will take up to 50% more disc space.

How does Bionic reading work?

The eye is guided through the text by means of typographic highlights. With the interplay of “Fixation”, “Saccade” and “Opacity” visual stimuli can be transferred to the text, which decisively change the typeface. Bionic reading is not the same tool as speed reading technology developed a few years ago by Spritz.

Is the Bionic reading epic better than the oasis?

On the web, the Bionic Reading epic was clear and easy to read, but on the Oasis the font was squeezed tightly together and the margins were too wide. I may play around with some settings, but as it was the bionic was actually more difficult to read in the Oasis.

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