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Frequently Asked Questions

What are short biographies for kids?

We have short biographies for kids to let children explore the joys of this genre. This type of genre is read during class as a read-aloud activity by the teacher, or in small reading groups facilitated by an instructor. Biographies for kids are non-fiction books written on the kids' levels, so they can get a glimpse into a person's life.

Why do students enjoy reading biographies for kids?

Students take pleasure in reading biographies for kids, because they like reading other people's stories. Reading about their life's failures and successes at the same time brings a sense of reality to the lives of these people.

Should your child read autobiographies?

The onus of introducing the right books to your child always lies on you. Biographies by young adults are always a source of motivation for young readers. If you want your child to be worldly-wise, make biographies and autobiographies a part of the reading list for your child. However, there are the other benefits of reading autobiographies too.

What do you like about picture book biographies?

I love picture book biographies that bring to life the inventor of a product children love and use daily. This book does exactly that with the man who invented crayola crayons and I loved every page of it – who knew that so much went into those boxes of 50 cent crayons you can now buy at Target?

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