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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dogs Allowed in the Biergarten?

Dogs are always welcome in the Biergarten as long as they are on a leash. Just like humans if they become unruley they will be asked to leave What beverages do you have besides Beer? We offer Cider, Wine, Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, White Claw, Rootbeer, Radler, Seagram's wine cooler

Does Biergarten take reservations?

Biergarten does take reservations, and reservations are almost always required to dine at the restaurant. Dinner at Biergarten is always a good idea, but you also have some other options inside of Epcot's Germany Pavilion if you miss out on a Biergarten reservation.

What does Biergarten mean?

Biergärten are unpretentious open-air bars that serve mainly beer and simple food. Most of them are located in the gardens and backyards of pubs.

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