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Frequently Asked Questions

What does biased mean in English?

"biased" in Business English. › preferring or disliking someone or something more than someone or something else, in a way that means that they are treated unfairly: biased against sb/sth He believes the American justice system is biased against blacks.

What does biased mean?

• BIASED (adjective) The adjective BIASED has 1 sense: 1. favoring one person or side over another Familiarity information: BIASED used as an adjective is very rare.

What is an example of biased?

The definition of bias is something that is diagonal or slanting. An example of bias is a fold in a fabric dinner napkin. A bias is defined as a line sewn or cut diagonally across fabric. An example of bias is cutting a skirt on the diagonal so that it flows freely when worn.

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