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Frequently Asked Questions

What episode of between the Lions is the Little Red Hen?

" Click, Clack, Moo / The Little Red Hen " is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Between the Lions, and episode 76 in total. Cleo raps about some words we'll see today. Cleo recieves a note from the cubs, asking her to read them Click, Clack, Moo.

What is the last episode of between the Lions season 5?

" It's Red! It's Green! / Joseph Had a Little Overcoat " is the tenth and final episode of Season 5 of Between the Lions, and episode 80 in total. Gus Bunny raps about some of the words we'll be seeing in this episode.

Why isn't between the Lions on streaming services?

That is exciting, and that has never happened before, likely because of performance rights and guest stars. The fact that Between the Lions has never been on streaming services is what has made this show obscure and hard to obtain a collection of episodes in consistant quality. Please?

Who are the Lions in the library?

Lions and librarians Theo and Cleo, along with their young cubs Lionel and Leona, run a very unique library. Characters pop off the pages of the books and come to life; vowels sing and puppets dance. The young lions explore and learn all sorts of new things from all the books.

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