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Frequently Asked Questions

What is between the Lions about?

Between The Lions was a PBS Kids show with puppet/marionette animal characters designed to teach reading. As the title suggests, the main characters are a family of lions who live in a library.

Who is Ruth Wordheimer on between the Lions?

Between 2001 and 2007, Westheimer made regular appearances on the PBS children's television series Between the Lions as "Dr. Ruth Wordheimer" in a spoof of her therapist role in which she helps anxious readers and spellers overcome their fear of long words.

Who are the main characters in between the Lions?

Senator Robert Byrd with Cleo on Between the Lions. The main characters are the lion cubs Lionel (7 years old and in 1st grade) and Leona (4 years old) and their parents Theo (Theodore) and Cleo (Cleopatra), who read stories to the cubs in almost every episode, so they can get wild about reading.

How does between the Lions teach reading?

Between the Lions focuses on teaching reading and a love of books to young children in a fun, informative way. Among the educational techniques used by Between the Lions are the following: Featured Letters and Sounds – Every episode has a feature letter or sound, such as 'h' or 'the long ee sound'.

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