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Frequently Asked Questions

Which IKEA computer desk is right for You?

That’s because we have added 13 best IKEA computer desk reviews because IKEA is the ultimate choice if you prefer sleek designs! Nothing says office and work like those brown and black computer desks. If you have a similar choice, this black-brown desk is the right choice for you.

What is the best desk for work from home?

This is the perfect desk for your home and serves the purpose of work from home stations. This desk is available in brown color and is the brainchild of IKEA of Sweden. The BRUSALI desk is designed with cleanliness in mind because you can collect the extension cords and cables under the table.

How to choose the right computer desk for your office?

These computer desks will serve as a primary anchor of your space so that you can settle your computer, mouse, keyboards, and other items. While you are choosing the computer desk, it is advised that you measure the monitor beforehand.

How high should a computer desk be?

How high should a desk be? The standard height for a computer desk is between 19-28 inches. Within this range, most people should be able to find a height that fits. Depending on how tall you are, and what kind of desk chair you use, you can determine which height is most comfortable for you.

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