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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pixar better than Disney?

The results showed that Pixar animation is more successful than Disney animation! Pixar has an average critics score of 89% and an audience rating of 82%, while Disney films showed a 80% critics score and a 75% audience score. The science shows that Pixar is better than Disney.

What is the worst Disney movie?

And here we are - the worst Disney movie ever is 2005’s Chicken Little. A true classic stands the test of time and is remembered 50, 60, 70 years and beyond. Still to this day, you'll see Snow White and Cinderella roaming around Disney World.

Is Pixar different from Disney?

Yes, obviously Pixar and Disney tend to operate under the same umbrella, but there’s a very clear distinction between what constitutes a Disney animated film, and what makes a Pixar film. Here are 10 of the reasons Pixar is, in fact, superior to Disney. 10. Clever Twists on Old Tropes

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