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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Copper fit really work?

Copper Fit maintains that it has highest quality copper infusion, which brings its own set of benefits for you. Moreover it’s known for its comfort fit to give you extended wear, according to its claims. Copper Fit works by improving blood circulation in these areas, which is why you experience relief from soreness.

Is copper good for knees?

They help to speed up the recovery time of knee injuries: A knee sleeve with a high copper content has antibacterial as well as anti-odor properties which help to keep the knee injury from getting infected. On top of that, a copper knee sleeve that fits well will promote better circulation which will also result in a quicker healing time.

Do copper knee supports work?

Copper Knee and Ankle Supports. For centuries people have believed that copper can help relieve swelling, stiffness and pain. These soft breathable compression supports woven with copper threads help reduce swelling and reduce inflammation. Nylon/spandex/copper. Hand wash.

What is copper compression?

The Copper Compression Socks are great for everything from travel to everyday wear. Copper ions are embedded in the yarn which provide natural foot wellness and skin enhancement. Graduated compression increases circulation and decreases swelling.

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