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Frequently Asked Questions

How to qualify for the Berlin Marathon?

Yes, you can qualify for the Berlin Marathon by registering as a fast runner. First, though, you need to have finished an AIMS-certified marathon in the past 2 years. In addition, you need to have finished within a certain time depending on your age group.

How many miles is the Berlin Marathon?

The Berlin Marathon (branded BMW Berlin Marathon for sponsorship reasons) is a major running and sporting event held annually in Berlin, Germany. The official marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles 385 yards) is set up as a citywide road race where professional athletes and amateur runners jointly participate.

What are qualifying times for Berlin Marathon?

Here are the 13.1-mile times you have to hit to secure a spot, according to your age: 18 to 34 (1:21 for men, 1:32 for women) 35 to 39 (1:23 for men, 1:34 for women) 40 to 44 (1:25 for men, 1:37 for women) 45 to 49 (1:28 for men, 1:42 for women) 50 to 54 (1:32 for men, 1:49 for women) 55 to 59 (1:36 for men, 1:54 for women) 60 to 64 (1:41 for men, 2:02 for women) 65 to 69 (1:46 for men, 2:12 for women) More items...

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