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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cure for benign positional vertigo?

There’s also no cure for BPV. And it can occur again without warning, even after successful treatment. However, while BPV may sometimes be uncomfortable, it is manageable and usually improves with time.

Will Flying induce benign positional vertigo?

Not likely: Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo will not be affected by the pressure changes induced by flying. What induces bppv is any rapid change in posture...

Can BPPV go away by itself?

BPPV is a condition that usually goes away on its own after several weeks or months without any treatment. One study said the condition had resolved in many people with BPPV in an average of 10 weeks. The otoconia are thought either to dissolve or move to a place in the labyrinth where they cause no symptoms.

Can BPPV cure itself?

There are two treatments of BPPV that are usually performed in the doctor's office. Both treatments are very effective, with roughly an 80% cure rate, ( Herdman et al, 1993; Helminski et al, 2010).

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