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Frequently Asked Questions

Which trains run from Belgium to other countries?

International trains running to and from Belgium include Thalys (THA), Eurostar (EST), Deutsche Bahn's Intercity Express trains (ICE) and SNCF's TGV trains (TGV). As an example of how quickly you can travel from Belgium to another country by train, a Thalys service from Brussels to Cologne could take as little as 1h 50m.

How to buy a train ticket in Belgium?

Buying and collecting train tickets in Belgium is easy to do. You can usually buy a ticket on the day of travel (at a machine at the station or from a ticket office) as the prices stay the same regardless if they are purchased in advance or not.

What are the high-speed trains in Belgium?

International high-speed trains in Belgium. These high-speed trains operate to and from Belgium: EuroCity trains link Brussels with Luxembourg, Strassbourg (France) and Basel (Switzerland). Eurostar trains operate between Brussels and London (Great Britain). ICE trains connect Brussels with German cities Cologne and Frankfurt.

What are the major train operating companies in Belgium?

As well as the SNCB, the other major train operating companies in Belgium are Thalys, Eurostar, Deutsche Banh’s ICE trains and TGV (SNCF). Thalys is a Franco-Belgian company running French TGV trains between Paris and Brussels with some journeys traveling on to Amsterdam or Cologne.

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