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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a train system in Belgium?

Hello! Welcome to Belgium, Explore our beautiful little country, which has all the benefits of a modern and comfortable rail network. Be sure not to miss out on visiting the cities of Antwerp , Brussels , Liège, Ghent or Maasmechelen Village, all of which are serviced by several trains per hour.

What can I do with an any Belgian station ticket?

With an Any Belgian Station ticket, it's easy to step back in time with a trip to medieval Bruges, go in search of glitz and glamour with a visit to Antwerp's diamantkwartier or take time out in Ghent to catch up on some culture. Any Belgian Station tickets and will take you right through from London on one ticket.

What is the new SNCB app?

The new SNCB App, launched in January 2021, was updated at the end of November. Take advantage of all kinds of possibilities to travel easily anywhere in Belgium. Share your journeys with your friends and contacts or save them in your calendar

Why board a train at Brussels-Airport?

Whether you are a tourist for a day or a week, it's easy to board a train at Brussels-Airport and, in no time at all, you can access all of the best tourist destinations in Belgium. In search of a great day out, an interesting activity, an excursion to thrill... all organised and easy to access?

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