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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Belgium's top scorer?

Belgium 3-1 WalesCzech Republic 1-1 BelgiumBelgium 8-0 BelarusEstonia 2-5 BelgiumBelgium 3-0 Czech RepublicBelarus 0-1 BelgiumBelgium 3-1 EstoniaWales 1-1 Belgium Top scorer: Romelu Lukaku (5 goals) Belgium coach: Roberto Martínez

Are Belgium's friendlies against Romania and Luxembourg FIFA-recognised?

Main article: Belgium national football team results (2000–2009) ^ Note that the friendlies against Romania on 14 November 2012 and against Luxembourg on 26 May 2014 are not FIFA-recognised due to an excessive number of substitutions according to the Laws of the Game. [1]

What are Belgium's match cards?

* Average Total Match Cards per match between Belgium and their opponents in a single match. Match cards is the total cards between Belgium and their opponent in the match. Red cards = 2 cards. Cards For is Belgium's bookings.

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