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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of Belgium's Euro 2020 squad play abroad?

Going into the postponed Euro 2020, the share of Belgian players abroad is a whopping 92%, with many of them playing at some of Europe’s most prestigious clubs. This past season, 12 members of Belgium’s Euro 2020 squad played for clubs that are in the Champions League.

How many professional football teams are there in Belgium?

Belgium’s professional football pyramid, where many of these players began their careers, can only support two leagues and 26 teams, but so prodigious is their talent development that many Belgian players could walk into any team in the world and it’s the nature of their upbringing that’s helped make it possible.

Is Euro 2020 the 'Golden Generation'?

Euro 2020: The ‘golden generation’ is now entering its twilight years and beginning to decline in value. When Belgium takes to the field in this summer’s European Championships and next year’s World Cup in Qatar, they will be living proof of the benefits of diversity and inclusiveness.

Who are the favourites for Euro 2020?

Entering Euro 2020 with a 'Golden Generation' of players, Belgium are one of the tournament favourites. Subscribe to FourFourTwo today and get a FREE England Euro 96 shirt!

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