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Frequently Asked Questions

How many professional football teams are there in Belgium?

Belgium’s professional football pyramid, where many of these players began their careers, can only support two leagues and 26 teams, but so prodigious is their talent development that many Belgian players could walk into any team in the world and it’s the nature of their upbringing that’s helped make it possible.

What was the first football match between Belgium and France?

The first match between Belgium and France, the Évence Coppée Trophy played in 1904, was the first official match for both teams and the first official football match between independent countries on the European continent.

Where do Belgian footballers train?

Since 2007, most physical preparation takes place at the National Football Centre in Tubize, or at Anderlecht 's training ground in the Neerpede quarter. Apart from Belgian home friendlies, at the international level Belgium's national stadium has also hosted six European Championship matches.

When did Belgium retire from international football?

The greatest talents of the Belgian team during this golden age were retired from international football by 2000. During the World Cup in 2002, Belgium defeated Russia and tied with co-hosts Japan and Tunisia to reach the round of 16. Belgium (in red) playing Algeria at the Mineirão at the 2014 World Cup.

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