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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Belgian beer cafe?

The pub is the heart of the community, and the people of Adelaide call Belgian Beer Cafe their local. It's a place for friends to meet, families to relax and everyone to enjoy themselves. If it's pub classics you're after, we've got that sorted.

Where is the best Belgian beer in Melbourne?

The Belgian Beer Café Oostende is located centrally on Ebenezer Place and just off Rundle Street. Known for Belgian beer, delicious food and good times, this pub is steeped in its rich cultural roots, rightly combined with Australian touches to make any local feel at home. Don’t be surprised if you hear the occasional “Sante” in excitement.

What is the Belgian beer café 'Oostende'?

The Belgian Beer Café 'Oostende' is an embassy of the Belgian Beer, café & eating culture, which opened its doors in 2002. Presiding over Ebenezer Place (just off Rundle Street) and the up and coming scene surrounding, the Belgian Beer Café creates a refuge after a hectic working day or adds the finishing touch to the end of a pleasant one.

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