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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good sewing patterns for beginners?

Best Sewing Patterns for Beginners: Accessories Fabric Necklace. New to sewing? ... DIY Headband. This quick and easy sewing pattern can be made using fat quarters or any leftover scraps of fabric that you have hanging around. Homemade Scrunchies. Scrunchies are simple to make and can be made to match every outfit! ... Bento Bag. Heading off to the beach? ... Envelope Clutch Bag. ... Clasp Purse. ...

What is the best simple sewing machine for a beginner?

The best sewing machine for beginners is the sewing machine that looks good and has a nice user-friendly design comfortable for anyone to use on a daily basis. It must have a design that is simple with clearly marked buttons and dials which are easy to see and understand.

What are some easy sewing ideas?

DIY Lace Shorts. Refashion your old summer shorts with some lace trim for an extra feminine pair of bloomers. (Via sincerelykinsey)...

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