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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes good violin for beginners?

The strings—steel strings are very common, but beginner violins and violinists often benefit from having synthetic core strings. They sound so much richer and are very responsive. Moreover, Thomastik-Infeld makes a fantastic, affordable (around $20 for the set), Alphayue string that is perfect for beginners.

What are good violin brand for beginners?

15 Best Violin Brands for Beginner and Intermediate Students Stentor. Stentor is one of the most popular violin brands on the market, providing a range of long-lasting, and high-quality instruments. Mendini. If you are still asking " what is the best violin to buy? ... Cecilio. ... Fiddlerman. ... Franz Hoffmann. ... Carlo Lamberti. ... Kennedy Violins. ... D Z Strad. ... Cremona. ... Scott Cao. ... More items...

What is the best viola for beginners?

Recommended For: Beginner. For a beginner outfit, Cremona violas are great quality for a decent price tag. Made out of select tone woods, such as hand-carved maple, spruce, and ebony, these violas stand up well on their own, but can be made significantly better with small improvements.

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