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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you use a semicolon before "and"?

You can use a semicolon before "and" (which is a type of conjunction) when the "and" is used to merge two independent clauses that contain their own commas. For example: Shakespeare, a great dramatist, wrote a great many plays; and he wrote a number of sonnets too.

When should a comma not be used before the word "and"?

In English, you must put a comma before “and” when it connects two independent clauses. A clause is independent when it could stand on its own as a sentence—it has its own subject and verb. Jagmeet walks to school, and Rebecca takes the bus. But when “and” connects two verbs with the same subject, you shouldn’t use a comma.

What is the difference between 'by' and 'before'?

In Grammar, both terms are used as preposition and adverb. But ‘Before’ is also used as conjunction while ‘By’ is not. The main difference between ‘By’ and ‘Before’ is that ‘By’ refers to a period of time that is supposed to be ‘before, until or at the endpoint of a particular time’.

Is 'before' only used as a conjunction?

In English, ‘Before’ is used as an adverb, a conjunction and a preposition. It refers to a time that is in advance of a particular time or event. For example, She has to submit her homework before Friday. The meaning inherent in this sentence is that the homework must be submitted by Thursday at the latest.

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