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Frequently Asked Questions

What does beachfront do?

At Beachfront, we enable ad serving and monetization across all TV and video platforms — helping our sell-side partners to drive increased revenue, simplify ad operations, and deliver premium viewing experiences. Drive yield by unifying direct-sold, private marketplace (PMP) and programmatic demand.

Does beachfront only have a kitchen?

While all of Beachfront Only’s homes are outfitted with full kitchens, we understand that not everyone wants to cook on vacation. During the California Stay Home Order, it may be hard to find out where you can go to eat.

Why are beachfront hotels so popular?

With seven hotel properties that sit right on the beach, within feet of the sand, while others are just a bit further back, still coddled by beaches but taking in sweeping ocean and city views too, it makes perfect sense (at least to us) why our beachfront hotels are some of the most popular in California, and the country.

What are the different types of beachfront accommodations?

Beachfront accommodations come in a variety of forms, from all-inclusive resorts to secluded homestays and villas. Beach hotel amenities can include air-conditioned rooms, private terraces overlooking the sea, and outdoor pools with attached bars.

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