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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dance mat typing game?

The BBC Dance Mat typing game is a free online typing game that is specially designed for kids. In this typing game, children will learn how to type on the keyboard as well as different typing skills. Dance Mat Typing game contains anthropomorphic animals who funnily teaches kids and guides you where to place their fingers and type a specific key.

What is the best mat typing system for kids?

Dance Mat Typing by the BBC is a good choice. It is interactive, fun, free and easy-to-use for kids; the system is complete with animated animal characters, graphics and sounds.

Who is the educational psychologist behind Bitesize dance mat typing?

So they invited Englishtype’s Educational Psychologist, Jo, to be the consultant and educational designer of their program – BBC BiteSize Dance Mat Typing. The program & lesson structure, introduction of letters, and vocabulary content was developed by Jo.

How do I type words in dance Mate?

At the beginning of the game, you learn the home row keys with our Dance Mate Typing Game, and then the game gradually turns from easy to difficult level. Once you have been trained to type each key separately, then you can start type words by playing Typing Attack and Typing Race.

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