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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the battery in New York City?

The Battery, formerly known as Battery Park, is a 25-acre (10 ha) public park located at the southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York City facing New York Harbor. It is bounded by Battery Place on the north, State Street on the east, New York Harbor to the south, and the Hudson River to the west.

What is Battery Park?

The Battery Park is a very large park near the harbor. This is a great place to walk around or sit on a bench or on the grass for a picnic. There are a number of statues in the park, including a memorial to those who perished in the US Navy. You also get a great view of the Statue of Liberty from the park.

Is Battery Park City New York worth visiting?

August 2021 Battery Park City is not far from the 9/11 Memorial with the One World Trade Center and is worth a visit for several reasons: there are many restaurants and parks and due to its location on the Hudson River you can enjoy the sunset or look at the harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

Where can you picnic in Battery Park City?

At the northern end of Battery Park City, you’ll find one of the community’s favorite places to picnic and play: Rockefeller Park. It features a sprawling, grassy lawn, where locals spread out for hours on sunny weekends.

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