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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best basic phone?

Best Basic Phones To Buy In 2021 Best basic phones. Covering all the Basics. LG Extravert 2 The LG Extravert 2 comes with a screen display of 3.2 inches and a screen... One of the Best Basic Phones with Excellent Call Quality. LG Xpression 2 This compact phone comes with a physical... The Bare ...

What are names of mobile phones?

Samsung: 392.546 million (20.9% market share) Apple: 191.426 million (10.2% market share) Microsoft: 185.660 million (9.9% market share) Lenovo Motorola: 84.029 million (4.5% market share) LG: 76.096 million (4% market share) Huawei: 70.499 million (3.8% market share) TCL Communication: 64.026 million (3.4% market share) More items...

How much does a smartphone cost?

Typically, prepaid smartphones cost $40 -$500, depending on the model, and $20 -$60 for service plans. Data plans are sometimes charged extra and cost $20 -$30. For example, Net10 has a variety of smartphones for $50-$500.

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