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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of barriers?

There are three types of trade barriers: Tariffs, Non-Tariffs, and Quotas. Tariffs are taxes that are imposed by the government on imported goods or services. Meanwhile, non-tariffs are barriers that restrict trade through measures other than the direct imposition of tariffs.

What are internal barriers and some examples?

Barriers are of two types -- internal and external. Examples of internal barriers are fatigue, poor listening skills, attitude toward the sender or the information, lack of interest in the message, fear, mistrust, past experiences, negative attitude, problems at home, lack of common experiences, and emotions.

What are barriers used for?

Concrete barriers are used for more than just traffic barricades; they are also very useful to protect utilities from being damaged by heavy equipment or tractor trailers. Concrete barriers are also well suited to protect propane or other above ground fuel tanks from being struck by vehicles.

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