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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Baptist theology?

Baptist theology includes many basic beliefs shared by the majority of Christian groups worldwide, such as the lordship of Jesus of Nazareth; his birth, death, and resurrection; and that he will return someday to judge the world. Other beliefs, more specific to the Baptist church include believer’s baptism, salvation by grace through faith ...

Do Baptists believe in the Saints?

Yes, according to their understanding of the term. Baptists argue that a person’s understanding of the term should come from Scripture alone. Moreover, what Scripture teaches about saints should also act as a boundary. Beliefs and practices that extend beyond biblical boundaries, such as those found in Catholicism, are illegitimate.

Is Baptist a Christian?

Baptists form a major branch of Evangelical Christianity distinguished by baptizing professing Christian believers only ( believer's baptism ), and doing so by complete immersion.

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