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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ballast water management plan?

The ballast water management plan includes the following: International rules and regulations for different port state controls all over the world. Location of ports providing shore discharge facility of sediments and ballast water. Duties of the personnel on board for carrying out ballast operation.

When do you use the water ballast?

Some argue that the ballast is only useful when raised above the waterline, others that it always increases stability. There are obvious advantages to water ballast: It can be filled and emptied at will in order to optimize trim, stability, reduce trailering weight and increase comfort at sea.

How does a ballast water treatment system work?

How does a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) work? Effectiveness on ballast water organisms Environment-friendliness Safety of the crew Cost effectiveness Ease of installation and operation Space availability on board The main types of ongoing projects for ballast water treatment by Navalista are Full Flow Electrolytic System and Ultra-Violet (UV) Treatment Method. ... More items...

What is ballast water management system?

The SeaCURE® Ballast Water Management System uses a combination of filtration followed by in-situ production of biocide from seawater via electrochlorination. The SeaCURE system has evolved from the Chloropac® marine growth prevention system (MGPS) that has been servicing needs of the maritime and off-shore Oil & Gas industries for over 40 years.

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