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Frequently Asked Questions

How big was the earthquake in Indonesia?

In 2004 a large part of the world was rocked by a massive 9.1 magnitude earthquake in the Indian Ocean (only 160 kilometers off the western coast of Aceh) and which caused a devastating tsunami, killing over 167,000 people in Indonesia (mainly Aceh) alone.

What country is Bali located?

Bali is one of the provinces that make up the Republic of Indonesia. It is a group of islands (archipelago) that links Australia and South-East Asia. The islands of Indonesia can be found north of Australia. Bali is physically located 8o south of the equator and is 115o east in longitude.

Is Bali in Asia?

Bali is a province with a medium population in the country of Indonesia which is located in the continent/region of Asia. Its biggest cities and towns include Denpasar, Singaraja, Tabanan and Negara.

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