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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a balance of trade deficit an economic problem?

Trade deficits are not inherently bad for an economy . Countries are limited in their resources, goods, and services for many reasons; it is typical to reach out to neighbors and establish trade relations. Over time, countries create differences in the amounts they trade with each other.

What countries have a trade deficit?

United States Balance of Trade. The United States has been running consistent trade deficits since 1976 due to high imports of oil and consumer products. In 2017, the biggest trade deficits were recorded with China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Ireland and Italy and the biggest trade surpluses with Hong Kong, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates,...

How do you calculate the balance of trade?

The way to calculate this balance of trade is to take the total value of all imports and subtract the total value of all exports between the two countries, or between one country and the rest of the world.

Is a trade deficit good or bad?

A trade deficit is neither good or bad in itself, by definition. It all depends on many other factors in an economy. So a generally healthy economy, which is both importing and exporting goods and services, may run a trade deficit if certain goods and services are produced more cheaply by trading partners.

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