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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fox 58 News in Bakersfield CA?

Fox 58 News is a sibling network to a CBS-affiliate KBAK-TV CH 29, also happens to serve the Bakersfield area. Both stations share the same place for their studios on west side of Downtown Bakersfield at Westwind Drive.

What channel is KBFX in Bakersfield?

1/5 based on 1 review. Eyewitness News - BakersfieldNow KBFX-CA is a low-power digital television station serving Bakersfield, California on local digital channel 58. It is a FOX (Fox Broadcasting ...

What does Fox 30 Bakersfield have to offer?

Fox 30 Bakersfield delivers latest news headlines, accurate weather coverage, sports transmission, debates on legal topics, political discussion, traffic updates and much more. Experience the Morning Eyewitness news with Elly Triolo, Sara Shouhayib and Aaron Perlman.

When did Bakersfield now start programming?

Bakersfield Now first started programming on 1 November 1990 as KMPH’s LP relayed satellite station “K58DJ”. It was a fox-affiliate translator serving the Fresno, California. In 1995, it decided to change its calls into KMPH-LP. However, eventually Fox felt a need of inserting new independent affiliate channel in the Bakersfield market.

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