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Frequently Asked Questions

What is US land rig count?

"Private E&Ps now collectively account for a record roughly 46% of total US land horizontal rig count," compared to a 2019 average of around 36%, TPH said in its daily March 29 investor note.

What is offshore rig count?

Offshore Rig Count is the totaling of all the rigs installed in an offshore site. This count process is the main source of accumulating the data related to the functional and non-functional rigs that are in use.

What is US oil rig count?

The oil rig count is a tally of the number of drilling rigs actively working on drilling and completing new oil and gas wells in a given area. The rig count can affect perceptions on future oil and gas prices because a higher count suggests more wells will be drilled, and more production will come online -- increasing supply.

What is Texas rig count?

Definition - What does Texas Rig Count mean? Texas Rig Count is an official listing of all oil and gas rigs that are operational at certain locations in the state of Texas. This count contains details such as the location of each rig and its functional status.

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