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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a business case for CCUS?

Baker Hughes EVP for Regions, Alliances & Enterprise Sales, Uwem Ukpong, is finding new ways to deliver energy technology for a lower carbon world. While significant progress is being made, the industry needs to see a strong business case for CCUS.

Why choose our modular CCUS solutions?

Our modular CCUS solutions are scalable and configurable to meet the needs of challenging environments and projects. We can help energy and industry decarbonize through turn-key solutions from emission to storage. Carbon capture, utilization, and storage needs to move faster. Why?

What is CCUs and why is it important?

CCUS may be the only way we can address the nearly 25% of industrial emissions that cannot be avoided by simply moving to alternative fuels because these emissions come from the industrial process activity. In 2020 there were only 26 active CCUS projects.

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