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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Baker Hughes perform in the third quarter?

In the third quarter, Baker Hughes and ADNOC Drilling completed the first offshore well under the existing partnership using an integrated well construction solution.

How did Equinor benefit from Baker Hughes' OFS performance?

Baker Hughes’ OFS segment continues to deliver strong results for Equinor. In the third quarter, the customer recognized Baker Hughes as the first service company to fully transition a rig to integrated operations level 3 (IO3) status, which requires moving personnel from offshore to a remote operations center.

What was the revenue for ordorders in the quarter?

Orders of $5.1 billion for the quarter, up 4% sequentially and down 34% year-over-year Revenue of $5.0 billion for the quarter, up 7% sequentially and down 14% year-over-year GAAP operating loss of $49 million for the quarter, up 6% sequentially and unfavorable year-over-year.

How much did remaining performance obligations increase in the third quarter?

Remaining Performance Obligations (RPO) in the third quarter ended at $23.0 billion, an increase of $0.1 billion from the second quarter of 2020. Equipment RPO was $8.3 billion, up 4% sequentially.

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