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Frequently Asked Questions

What is no baby blisters doing for Baby John?

At No Baby Blisters, we are working tirelessly, so that what comes next for Baby John and his family is a cure. Baby John and the other 500,000 children suffering from EB around the world deserve a life free of pain and full of hope. “We are praying for a miracle because he's crying in pain.

Can you help Baby John and others like him?

Let us continue to help Baby John and others like him. Finding a life-saving cure is urgent. Thank you for your generous donations. If you can donate monthly, it will help the babies like John never run out of life-saving bandages, antibiotics, special nutrition, and medical care.

Can your tax-deductible donations help Baby John?

Your tax-deductible donations immediately sent him life-saving bandages and ointments to save his life until our experts can find a cure for EB blistering skin disease. Right now there is no cure for EB, so Baby John is still fighting for his life in severe pain.

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