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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best B2B lead generation software?

Cognism is the only B2B lead generation software on the market that provides phone-verified mobiles, a Chrome Extension, global compliance, and Bombora intent data. This helps to explain its status as one of the highest-rated platforms on G2.

What are the best ways to generate B2B leads?

The best way to find B2B leads is to work backward from your ideal customer. When you know who your ideal customer is from their job title, key responsibilities, and where they hang out on and offline right down to their goals and pain points, it will make it easier to build a list of prospects who have similar attributes.

How can I improve my B2B lead generation?

For most sales and marketing teams, technology is a huge benefit to B2B lead generation. Sales activities such as cold calling and outbound emails can be automated. Marketing activities such as blogging and social media rely on content management systems and the internet.

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