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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Azure AD domain?

To join the Windows Server virtual machine to the Azure AD DS-managed domain, complete the following steps: Connect to the Windows Server VM, as shown in "Step 2.". In the left pane of the Server Manager window, select Local Server. Under Properties, select Workgroup. In the System Properties window, select Change to join the domain.

How do I sign in to Azure?

Enter the credentials that were provided to you by your organization, and then click Sign in. Your device locates a matching tenant in Azure AD. If you are in a federated domain, you are redirected to your on-premises Secure Token Service (STS) server, for example, Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).

How do I add users to my Azure portal?

Click on "User Management" on the top left of the Azure Portal. Click on the "Add New Co-Admin" button on the top left of the Azure portal. Enter the Windows Live ID (email address) of the person you wish to add as a Co-Administrator, and click on the checkbox of the subscription you wish to add the "co-admin" to.

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