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Frequently Asked Questions

What does'entanglement'mean to August Alsina?

(CNN) Singer August Alsina is putting his own spin on the word "entanglement" with his new song that dropped late Saturday night. "The definition of entanglement is when you tangle in the sheets," Alsina sings on the new track, called "Entanglements" with rapper Rick Ross.

What is the meaning of Jada Pinkett Smith’s song “Alsina”?

The song alludes to the term Jada Pinkett Smith used to describe her relationship with Alsina.

Is will Alsina in a relationship with will Pinkett Smith?

In a recent interview with radio host Angela Yee, Alsina said he had been involved in a romantic relationship with Pinkett Smith, who has been married to Smith since 1997. "I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation," Alsina said during the interview.

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