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Frequently Asked Questions

What sits between atheism and religion?

Atheism is a see also of religion. As nouns the difference between atheism and religion is that atheism is (narrowly) belief that no deities exist (sometimes including rejection of other religious beliefs) while religion is the belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal god or gods.

What is the difference between atheism and Christianity?

” The primary difference between an atheist and a Christian is that Christians believe in God and the “Trinity,” while atheists believe that God is merely a myth. Atheists are strongly opposed to belief in the supernatural or so-called higher beings, while Christians strongly recognize the presence of God in their lives.

What kind of religions are similar to atheism?

The closest thing an atheist might have to a religion is secular humanism which bears far more similarities than atheism itself. Religion is the performance of ritual on behalf of or in obeyance to a supernatural deity or deities. Atheists do not belief in supernatural deities. Therefore, there is no religion similiar to atheism.

Do you consider atheism a religion?

Atheism itself is not a religion, just like theism itself is not a religion. But atheists, like theists, usually hold beliefs that are religious or faith-based in nature. Atheistic theories on the origin of the universe are at best entirely speculative with no direct evidence, and many of them are completely uninvestigable by science.

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