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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an atheist?

An atheist is someone who believes that God does not exist. As is usually said, atheists think that God does not exist or that God's existence is a speculative hypothesis with a very low likelihood.

What is the difference between Christianity and atheism?

” The primary difference between an atheist and a Christian is that Christians believe in God and the “Trinity,” while atheists believe that God is merely a myth. Atheists are strongly opposed to belief in the supernatural or so-called higher beings, while Christians strongly recognize the presence of God in their lives.

What is the real meaning of atheism?

Simply put, atheism means the absence of theistic belief. That's it. It doesn't mean anything else. Atheism is not a religion, a philosophy, a worldview, or anything similar. It is not the conviction that there are no gods, ghosts, angels, etc.

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