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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of cerebellar ataxia?

Cerebellar ataxia is a form of ataxia originating in the cerebellum. Non-progressive congenital ataxia (NPCA) is a classical presentation of cerebral ataxias.. Cerebellar ataxia can occur as a result of many diseases and may present with symptoms of an inability to coordinate balance, gait, extremity and eye movements. Lesions to the cerebellum can cause dyssynergia, dysmetria ...

What causes cerebellar ataxia?

there are many causes of cerebellar ataxia including, among others, gluten ataxia, autoimmunity to purkinje cells or other neural cells in the cerebellum, cns vasculitis, multiple sclerosis, infection, bleeding, infarction, tumors, direct injury, toxins (e.g., alcohol), genetic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases (such as progressive …

What does cerebellar ataxia mean?

cerebellar ataxia, any of several conditions characterized primarily by a failure of muscle coordination ( ataxia) or awkwardness of movement resulting from atrophy or disease of the cerebellum, the region of the brain that organizes sensory information related to balance and locomotion.

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