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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the assessor`s office?

Main functions of the Assessor's Office include: Input and update information in the property database. Inspect and review all properties that were issued permits for the current year and any partial assessments from the prior year and determine the appropriate property value assessment. Provide assessment information to interested parties.

What does the assessors office do?

A property tax assessor has a combination of office and fieldwork. He is responsible for confirming the estimated value and taxation for physical items. This can include buildings, arts, equipment, and inventions.

What is another word for assessors?

Synonyms for assessor include appraiser, examiner, inspector, investigator, tester, analyser, checker, evaluator, judge and revenuer. Find more similar words at ...

What is the role of the assessor?

The role of an assessor is to observe learners in their workplace, provide support and guidance by collecting evidence, assessing their abilities and enabling them to gain their desired qualifications. As an NVQ assessor you would expected to perform the following tasks: plan and deliver NVQ training programmes and workshops.

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