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Frequently Asked Questions

What is assessassessment literacy?

Assessment literacy is one of the foundational literacies in the program. The design clearly articulates assessment literacy skills from the first course in the initial program through to the capstone course in the advanced degree.

Do teachers need certification around assessment literacy standards?

More alarming is the fact there are no requirements for teacher certification around assessment literacy standards in the teaching profession. As defined by the National Task Force on Assessment Education for Teachers, “Assessment is the process of gathering information about student learning to inform education-related decisions…

How can peer review help with assessment literacy?

Peer review is an activity that can be very beneficial in developing assessment literacy because it engages students with assessment criteria and enables them to practice making evaluative judgements.

How can assessment support the teaching and learning process?

Comprehensive, balanced, and quality assessment systems have the potential to support the teaching and learning process. Providing teachers with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to be assessment literate is one piece to educational excellence.

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