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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ascensus an advisor-centric company?

Ascensus is and always has been advisor-centric. We believe in the value of the trusted relationship of the financial advisor. Over 19,000 financial advisors have already introduced us to their clients.

Why should you choose Ascensus?

With decades of experience, Ascensus has a heightened level of retirement plan expertise that is evident in every aspect of our organization. We equip you with the necessary support to help grow your business and address your needs. Ascensus is and always has been adviser-centric.

What can an Ascensus regional vice president do for You?

An Ascensus regional vice president can provide in-person support, helping you prepare for or joining a client meeting to facilitate the sale. After you’ve sparked interest, use our proposal to help you build trust and present plan details to your client in an easy-to-follow format.

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