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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Article 54 of the TEC mean?

(ex Article 54 TEC) As long as restrictions on freedom to provide services have not been abolished, each Member State shall apply such restrictions without distinction on grounds of nationality or residence to all persons providing services within the meaning of the first paragraph of Article 56. Article 62 (ex Article 55 TEC)

Which article is replaced by Article 71 TFEU?

(22) Replaced by Article 71 TFEU. (23) The current Articles 40 to 40 B TEU, on enhanced cooperation, are also replaced by Articles 326 to 334 TFEU.

Does Article 42 affect the policy of the European Union?

GARDANT À L'ESPRITque la politique de l'Union au titre de l'article 42 ne doit pas affecter le caractère spécifique de la politique de sécurité et de défense de certains États membres, qu'elle doit respecter les obligations découlant du traité de l'Atlantique Nord pour certains États membres qui considèrent que

What is Article 145 (ex Article 125 TEC)?

Article 145 (ex Article 125 TEC) Member States and the Union shall, in accordance with this Title, work towards developing a coordinated strategy for employment and particularly for promoting a skilled, trained and adaptable workforce and labour markets responsive to economic change with a view to achieving

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