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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go from active duty to reserves?

Some of the U.S. armed services allow personnel to request early separation to serve in the National Guard or Active Reserves. The other active-duty services occasionally will allow you to request a discharge from active duty to serve in the Guard or Reserves under a Convenience of the Government Discharge.

How to convert Reserve years to active duty years?

Years of service in the armed forces as a reservist do not convert directly into active duty years. Instead, reservists are awarded retirement points for certain activities in which they participate. Each year in which a reservist earns 50 retirement points counts as a qualifying year toward retirement.

Is training considered active duty?

You get a point for every day of active duty and two points for every drill day. Training under state orders and its not federal active duty time andbit doesnt count towards being a veteran or any benefits later in life. Annual Training is considered active duty for training, not active duty.

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